Silver Gift Card

price: £ 100

The Silver Gift Card is a prepaid voucher that contains £100 available for use in our online shop.

This Gift Card is perfect for someone who would like to own one of our tables but has a tight budget. Since this Gift Card can be combined with other Gift Cards you could convince some friends and family to join in and make someone's dream come true!

Alternatively, you can gift it to someone who already owns one of our tables and would like to get some accessories they wish they had. 


Voucher only in electronic form will be sent via an email 1-2 weeks

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Terms of Usage and Instructions:

Gift Cards are in electronic form only. Your purchased Gift Card will be sent to you by one of our staff members via email within 1-2 weeks after the purchase. 

In order to redeem your Gift Card add your card's code into your shopping cart as "Discount code" before proceeding to the checkout. Alternatively, contact our customer service for assistance. 

Gift Cards CAN be combined with other Gift Cards.

Gift Cards can be used for Megan Series, as well as, Custom Series Tables and its accessories as well as Chairs and Benches. 

Gift Cards value apply only to the products and cannot be used to cover the shipping cost. Shipping cost will be calculated and needs to be covered separately. 

Gift Cards are non-refundable. 

Gift Cards can be used only once, the excess value of the Card is lost. 

Gift Cards are valid for 12 months after the date of purchase. 

If a Gift Card gets lost or stolen please contact our customer service as soon as possible at If it hasn't been redeemed yet we can issue a replacement. The replacement Card will retain the expiration date and value of the original Gift Card.

weight range basic price

0 - kg

£ 0.00

- 1 kg

£ 15.00

1 - 2 kg

£ 15.00

2 - 3 kg

£ 15.00

3 - 5 kg

£ 20.00

5 - 10 kg

£ 20.00

10 - 20 kg

£ 25.00

20 - 30 kg

£ 30.00

30 - 50 kg

£ 50.00

50 - 70 kg

£ 75.00

70 - 100 kg

£ 100.00

100 - 200 kg

£ 500.00

region delivery price multiplier

United Kingdom

x 1

United States and Canada

x 3

West Europe

x 1

East Europe

x 1


x 4


x 4

South America

x 4


x 5


x 5

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