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Why is Virgo Board Game Table a great fit for TTRPG players?15.03.2023 11:56 AM

This time we’re putting a spotlight on one of our absolute classics – Virgo Board Game Table. This table is a fantastic mix of high class visuals with convenience brought to you by a selection of fantastic features we’ve decided to incorporate into its design. And while we did put TTRPG in the title those features will also work fantastically with any kind of Board Game or other tabletop titles!





Enjoy your own private gaming station!



Virgo has been designed with true demanding gamers in mind. One of the most important points of its design is the focus placed on providing each of the players with their own gaming area that they could use as they see fit. No matter whether they want to store additional figurines or dice sets there or perhaps place their character sheet and pencil in a place that’s very easy to access – that’s all possible and super-convenient due to Virgo’s design.


Individual Player Stations are here to provide additional comfort and security for all miniatures, figurines, counters or even books. That’s not all however – those stations come equipped with drawers and/or dice trays to make your RPG life even easier. Who doesn’t like drawers, after all? Not only can they be used as fantastic place for storing anything not needed at the moment but your Game Master can also incorporate them in their schemes – perhaps one day you’ll find an extra item placed there when you weren’t looking?





What’s in the box?! Well… anything you put in there!



Virgo Board Game Table is equipped with incredibly useful storage boxes that you can use to store a variety of tokens and game components but not only! All kinds of pens, pencils, cards and really – anything you can think about – can be placed there for safe keeping and very quick & easy access. Always in your reach, you can put them in play at any given moment without needing to look for them all over the place.


Storage boxes are also a great idea if you want to sort and categorize each of your game components. Perhaps you want to put all your dice at your player station but you’d prefer them to not come into contact with your other accessories? Or maybe you need to put your phone closer to yourself and you need to move miniature to a different place? Storage boxes can be used in variety of ways but they always remain very convenient!


Virgo is also equipped with internal and external rail systems that are absolutely fantastic when it comes to handling all your cards. If you’re playing card-heavy system you will very quickly appreciate both of them!





Managing emotions can be tricky!    



How many times did you slam a table out of sheer anger or frustration? Never? That’s great! However for some of us it’s very difficult to contain all feelings inside while playing a particularly gripping game. Every single time when your emotions take over your actions you need to be sure about one thing in particular – that your table is able to withstand anything you’ll throw at it!


In case of Virgo Board Game Table you can be assured that you’ll never have to worry about the condition of your table. It’s a very sturdy hardwood construction – depending on your choice Ash or Oak can be used for its manufacturing. The table is ready for anything you can throw at it – even literally! As all Geeknson’s tables it’s also equipped with Keep Dry System. As long as you put wooden leaves above the gaming vault you can be sure that no spill will harm your precious game elements hidden beneath them.





We don’t fear technology!



Virgo Board Game Table is compatible with a plethora of amazingly interesting add-ons. Your table can be paired with amazing LED lighting that will highlight the most important moments or paint them in the right atmospheric colors! The effects can be absolutely staggering especially when those lights are used in a dimmed room!


Virgo can also be equipped with USB charging points that will let you keep your phones and tablets always ready for action. Together with Bluetooth speakers this construction enables a plethora of possibilities and conveniences that will come in help at various times during your gaming. You can just focus on having fun!





Fantastic choice for a vivid gamer!  



Virgo Board Game Table remain a fantastic choice for all kinds of players and especially those that demand a lot from their gaming accessories. If you want to ensure that you’re playing on a thoroughly well prepared table that can take any kind of demand – this table might just be for you. Make sure to check it out and definitely look through many interesting add-ons that should make this choice even better!