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Top 5 fantastic accessories for your Geeknson gaming table!30.01.2023 3:00 PM

Gaming & Dining Tables offered on our site have many things in common – we take care to offer board game players the best quality for the affordable price and we’re equipping them with sturdy durable constructions fitted for their unique requirements and needs. Our tables are not only true gaming altars for all types of players but they also do share one extra common trait – the variety of fantastic accessories we’ve designed especially for the task of making your life as a player (or DM) easier and more fun. Let’s jump into the article and see some fantastic examples.    





Wooden dice tower for all your rolling needs


Our tables are more than enough to contain all your dice rolls within the playing vault but for those of you who desire something more than that we have a dedicated wooden Dice Tower that will guarantee that your rolls will be done in style and with flair. This wooden tower is a strong construction and you will quickly learn to love it after using it several times – this is a great proposition for all tabletop RPG players who would like to guarantee that their rolls remain random and impartial. After all no-one will argue that you’re fudging rolls if you let the gravity do its work – simply throw your dice in the tower and await (hopefully) a fantastic result!


This Dice Tower is a fantastic add-on for you if you already have one of our tables but we especially recommend getting it together with the table if you’re currently thinking about. Snatching it together with (for example) Megan Board Game Table will make it possible for us to ensure that your Dice Tower matches the color of the table itself – if you’d like that, of course!





Leaf Box to keep your table always ready


It definitely is fun to be able to transform your gaming table into a dining one at a moment’s notice but it’s also important to have a designated place where you could store the leaves when they’re not used for dining (or any other) purposes. With a Leaf Box you can be sure that your leaves receive a dedicated storage place where they can safely rest before they’re needed again. This box creates a nice stylish way of storing the leaves that would match any room and ensure that you will never have to second-guess where the leaves are when you want to use them.


Boxes come available for many of our tables and you can colour-match them with the table of your choice. For example – you can get a fantastic Virgo Board Game Table, a phenomenal design perfect for avid TTRPG and Board Game players characterized by amazing individual player stations together with matching Leaf Box.


Do you even lift? Well, we do!


No, we’re not joking, we can easily implement the ability to lift or rather elevate playing surface of the chosen table into its design. This effect is created by utilizing dedicated boards that sit in your playing area and raise the whole surface where you game up simply by placing an insert on top of them. It’s an elegant and easy to do way of presenting your gaming in a different light.


While we pride ourselves in creation of fantastic gaming vaults we understand that some players might prefer a different kind of elevation for their games. Additionally, we do keep in mind that one can prefer different level of elevation for certain games and with our Inset Elevator you can easily achieve that goal. Dennis Board Game Table is a fantastic table that can be made even better by introducing this particular add-on!




Desks for everyone!


While it might sound a bit peculiar it definitely is worth to get some extra playing space for your games by introducing additional desks to enrich your table. Those desks can serve as a secluded and private place for each of the players to use as they see fit without the need to take up gaming space on the table itself. Literally anything can be stored there – books, phone, keys or other various accessories.


We also offer desk equipped with their own shelves to create even more space. There is definitely no running out of it with Adam Board Game Table featuring them. Keep in mind that those desks are very easy to add and remove so you can play with different configurations and find one that works best for you!



That’s not all – we’ll be back with more!


Those are just some of the fantastic add-ons we’ve prepared for our players – we have many, many more and we’ll definitely come back to this topic somewhere in future to make properly present and showcase each of them and give you a reason to be interested in them. Now let the games begin!