Megan Table – Card Rail17.04.2020 12:28 PM

The Megan Gaming Table. Already trusted and loved for its design. This is the beginning of the journey with your new board gaming table. Before we start off with some details it’s good to cover some basics about this table in general. Let’s kick off with some features.

It is easy to build a board gaming table for sure, and many DIY geeks have done it already, you can find many great board gaming table projects on BGG website, some of them aren’t perfect, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  So, in theory, all you need to do is cut the middle bit of the tabletop out and lower it slightly and … you have your board gaming table – right? If you have some skills you can buy a gaming table plan and you can build a more advanced one. But if you want to make a gaming table which will serve as a dining table as well, then a simple project becomes more of a pain. If you’re like me and you get lazy sometimes, you would like to relay on a company which is tested and trusted by many worldwide customers.

A good board gaming table:
- needs to be a good dining table as well.  You may ask why? Simply because sometimes you play longer games and your partner may want to serve dinner in the meantime. It needs to be watertight, spill-proof. Imagine you have your beloved game inside the table beneath the tabletop leaves and someone spills a drink over…
- needs to be versatile. The purpose of these gaming tables is so that they have the capability to carry out more than one function at a time; playing board games on one half and eating on the other is a basic example of this.
- needs to have a rail system; allowing you to attach different accessories, especially drink holders, and other specific add-ons to enhance your gaming experience.
- needs to be equipped with some sort of padded game surface inside. It can be play mat or dedicated fabric Inset to not damage the game and provide a comfortable gaming surface.

This little series of posts/articles about our upcoming Kickstarter board game table Megan will help you to get familiar with some of the key features and add-ons prepared especially for this table.

Today we’re going to have a closer look at the Card Rail. This is the Geeknson innovative feature which we have introduced in our tables in 2014. An example of how beneficial the Card Rail can be is as simple as having a convenient slot to hold up your cards vertically instead of having them stuffed in your hands; this makes it much easier not to get the cards confused or lost as all of them are neatly presented standing in front of you.

The video below shows how easy is to use our Card Rail to hold your cards. Another good example, when you play card games with the children, they struggle to hold so many cards and the game itself becoming a constant battle instead of enjoyment. whereas with the Card Rail it saves you more time on the came than focusing on the cards themselves.


Have a look at a sneak peek of our Megan boardgame table coming to Kickstarter soon.

This is the review of the Megan board gaming table. Check this out for more details about the table.

Marcin Szachniewicz,
table designer